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Conestoga College, Kitchener, Ontario Monday, October 24. 1983 

^■ 19a3 


Minimum standard bylaw 
may keep grass out, 
but will please few 

Beauty seldom wins 


Trivia for tickets 


India- 13. What' arc little boys made 


Cool spectators say 
it’s worth it 

"It’s chilly, but it's worth 
it.,, this year's parade Is just 
fantastic." said spectator Cida 
Oliveira 16, of Kitchener. 

In the parade there were 30 
floats, 18 bands, antique cars, 

clowns, and Bonhumme, ma- 
scot of the Quebec Winter Car- 

charming and beautiful Miss 
Oktoberfcst, Caroline Flury 
21. of Buffalo. The float that 

"The Miss this year, she's so 
pretty." said Katherine Mor- 
rocco 12, of Waterloo. 

representing Budweiser and 
another representing Carls- 
^The Award this year for the 
best float was J.M. Schneid- 
er's Harvest Festival entry 
and for the best marching 
band was Kitchener's Ven- 

was televisioif comedian John 
Candy. He's best known for his 
television chracter Johnny 
LaRue on SCTV. 

A lot of the bands played 
traditional Oktoberfest songs. 
- Ein Prosit, but there ^worc 

The parade was videotaped 
by CKCO-TV and was present- 

Students on. videotape 


HE gj afig GI 

$250 cdn. $100 deposit due by 
Nov. 23/83 in Activities office. 

Round trip transportation via 
luxury ^highway coach 


March Break '84 

5 nights accommodation 
at Whiffletree/Edgemont 

5 day lift pass good 
on all lifts 
at Killington 

Spoke, Monday October 24, 

Future careers: choose or be chosen 


Lesson "1 “The pour” 

There are many theories regarding this particular • 
facet of the Labatt's Blue mystique. The one we favour 
builds a beer head from the bottom. Start by 
keeping the glass upright and pouring down the middle 
until a head begins to form. Stop, let the foam 
build, then tilt the glass to a forty-five degree angle 
and continue to pour down the side. As the glass 
fills, bring it back to the upright position leaving a head 
about two fingers tall. The Labatt’s Blue pour 
Is always followed by the ever popular Labatt's Blue 
“unpour” an exercise in which many of you are 
already well-versed. 

Spoke. Monday October 24. 1 983 5 

« n . . . Uoon student constitution 

OCAP helps job search to be updated and revised 

g Spoke, Monday October 24, 1 983 

Canada’s only 
naturopathic college 

te McCormick 

re College 

SDOke. Mondav October 24. 1983 7 

Women still live 
as slaves of men 

8 Spoke. Monday October 24, 1983 

Choir member is 
also conductor 

Nov. 3rd at tlie pub 
$2.00 advance - 

$2.50 door 



-jO Spoke, Monday October 24, 1983 

Board of Directors 

Wednesday, Oct. 26 
at 4:30 

in room 2A66 

Terry Fox III 

i, 1984 . 

Connery; a perfect bond 


Y.X,'c,„h= rM Siam Minnie in Rich Gondosch. Avery . 

Intramural team of the week 

jjg g ggg Egl gr r SSs